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Sounds Of Midnight

2014-06-13 17:01:36 by DJRoBomb

Hello my dear friends! Now I have two announcements to make. One is that I am very happy to say that my newest album is released and is going to have all songs listed below, which are ALL available for download here on NewGrounds, thanks for that Tom! And on a second note, I will now be posting a single "Question Of The Week" everyday! And the first to answer the question (In the comments) gets a message from me saying how I feel about their creations. This weeks question of the day is.... "WHICH FAMOUS MUSIC ARTIST QUOTES "Hello my dear friends!" 

Songs from the now released:

#1: Liquidate

#2: Don't Stop,

#3: Chainsaw,

#4: Midnight,

#5: Fusion,

#6: World War 3,

#7: Eruption,

#8: QuickRide,



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2014-06-14 01:04:24

Dear friend, please see the comment I left you after your review of my track. Thanks.